As Above, So Below

Klint Kanopka: Professional learner, amateur adult.

Summer Goals

29. May 2017

This is my last summer as a teacher. It’s a weird shift of identity and purpose that I’m not entirely sure how to deal with. The only way I can really think to deal with this transition is to make a list of things I’d like to do with this “last summer vacation.”

So what am I looking to actually achieve?

  • Build this website and blog, make it attractive, maintain it and migrate it over to my old domain,
  • Brush up on python for data analysis. There’s a MOOC from Harvard that I’d like to complete.
  • Figure out how GitHub works so I can share the code and things that I work on.
  • Cut down the amount of physical stuff that I have.
  • Reach out to some of the other groups that I’d like to work with.
  • Listen to more podcasts. Take a crack at doing my own (or a Youtube channel).
  • Get better at Twitter by posting more quality content, better curating the lists of who I follow and checking it with reasonable frequency.
  • Keep up with bullet journaling.