Klint Kanopka

PhD Student in the Stanford Graduate School of Education

One down.

05. July 2018

Some thoughts on my first year at Stanford:

(In no particular order.)

  • I’m very lucky to be here. I’ve found good friends and a good intellectual community. I spend more time outdoors.
  • I haven’t been investing much time in my non-academic interests (music, motorcycles, or anything else). I think this is objectively bad.
  • With one exception, the Bay Area isn’t good at sandwiches.
  • I’m enjoying all of the computer science related work that I’m doing. It’s cool to have people respect what I’m interested in, acknowledge that I’m pretty good at things and receive some recognition for what I’m up to (that paper was the 2nd best project in our Deep Learning class).
  • With the exception of occasionally running Windows in a Virtual Box (just for Word - why is LibreOffice such trash?), I’ve been on Linux exclusively for this entire academic year. No regrets.
  • I really miss playing music. I do not miss touring.
  • I do not regret moving here to begin this program.